Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Our Science Expo

Today, we did our science expo and we all picked a subject to learn about and to teach other people - Natalia
I think we all did a great job and we should all get a pat on the back - Molly
We were successful at presenting and teaching others about what we were learning - Adol
I learnt while studying volcanoes that a volcano is actually a mountain and opens up to a pool of molten rock below the surface. When pressure builds up, eruptions can occur - Cooper
I learnt that in Chemistry the Greeks began chemistry by mixing things together - Natasha
I learnt that a meteor is a chunk of space rock and if it burns up in the earth's atmosphere its a meteorite - Jake
I learnt that when you do gym you build strength in your arms, legs and core - Grace
I learnt from James R. that when you are in a plane, there is drag at the back of the plane and thrust at the front of the plane, weight at the bottom and lift at the top - Oscar
I learnt that Leonardo Da Vinci designed the submarine. Mrs Fitt told me that he designed the wings on aeroplanes - Sienna


  1. There were so many things I learnt at the Middles Science Expo today! I did not kow that the rough stuff on a match box wasn't just sandpaper.. that it had particular chemicals in it which were needed to react with the chemicals in the match head! Thanks Jack! Lots of fabulous results of amazing learning. Well done Middle S!! Mrs Molly

  2. This was a terrific expo. You guys should be so proud. All of the presentations were great, I found Adol's balloon rocket great fun and I loved that Grace applied physics to general activities. It all was very interesting. Well done!
    Christina (Jenny's Mum)


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