Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Today we explored the properties of magnets using different shaped magnets and a variety of materials. Here is what we discovered:
  •  Magnets have a magnetic force which attracts to a north and a south side of a magnet - Lachie
  • If you put a magnet on a computer the computer will break - Jake
  • Magnets attach  to other magnets - Molly
  • I found out that north and north repel same with south and south but north and south connect -Cooper, Jamie
  • Most magnets connect to paper clips – Ryan, Jenny
  • Magnets stick to hair clips. Magnets don’t stick to windows - NATALIA
  • A north magnet cannot stick to a north magnet. It is the same as a south magnet – GRACE
  • Magnets are made out of atoms. The magnets don’t stick to the clock, but if you turn the clock around it will stick to the batteries at the back of the clock - Sienna
  • Magnets only stick to metal that includes iron and 2 or 3 other types of metal - Adol


  1. Oh Jake, I hope you didin't discover your observation first hand!!

  2. Hi Middle S
    I wondered if you woild like to see some science experiments from some other children at another school?

    Here are some....

    Would you leave a comment for them to tell them what you learnt ?

    Mrs C


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