Friday, 29 May 2015

"Code the Future" mentor visits the Seniors

Madison – Today Swarandeep came to St Luke’s and showed the Seniors his passion project which is making circuit boards

Piers – We learn a lot about how we could use the Arduino and how we could use it for ourselves

Jackson – I found it very intriguing because we can find the stuff in hardware shops and we can make it for ourselves. There’s no limit to our imagination

Tully – I found it very interesting, because now when we get the Arduino, we can create better stuff.

Cooper T – I thought it was cool to look at the little electronic thing. I would like to make something with it.

Lachlan – Swarandeep showed us the small computer and it was amazing how much it could connect to and read

Natalia – I was amazed that such a simple looking machine could do so much.

Isabella – It was cool how they could make the technology of a computer so small and I also didn’t know that they could do that.

Zac – I found it interesting about the technology that we don’t know about and that tech can do so much stuff

Ollie – I thought it was really interesting technology and very unique. You could develop the Arduino and create even better things

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