Friday, 15 May 2015

Justice and Numeracy Boardgames

In Senior S we have been creating board games for our homework task, over the last two weeks. Today all the board games were brought to school and we were able to see and have a play with all the amazing games our class have created.

The board games were designed around Justice, Literacy and Maths
For our inquiry this term  we are looking at justice; its meaning, how it applies to ourselves and our global community. In maths we have been focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages and so these were a requirement to be included in our board games. Students added elements of visual and textual literacy with their designs, images and game cards. 

The creativity Senior S have demonstrated is FANTASTIC! Everyone has come up with something unique!
As a class we spent some time today trying out each other's games which was a great way to celebrate what everyone had made.

Piers – It was really fun to play these games. I liked the competition.
Natalia – It was fun and good seeing what other people made, from their imagination. The games were really different.
Zac – It was a good learning experience in Maths, because it used fractions, decimals and percentages and I've learnt more about those skills.
Isabella – It was fun, because you got to learn new things and test your knowledge of maths and justice issues.
Madi – I like playing the board games and everyone’s was different. Some had quiz cards to test you. It also helped me to be faster at answering questions.
James – It was fun, because it was mostly about justice issues but then some people did Maths more than Justice questions and some the other way round.
Ava M  – It was good, because you got to play your friend’s game that they made.
Pat – I was the banker of my game and I watched the people playing and they were struggling sometimes, because some of the questions were hard, like, “What is 33 1/3 % of 81?”
Tom – The games were really entertaining, because people had really creative ideas for different board games and they presented them really well.
Lochie – I thought it was good, because if you just got a Maths question and then rolled the dice and then maybe you had to think about a Justice question next, e.g. “How much are most people in the world living on per day?”




  1. Wow, all the game boards look AMAZING! So much effort has been into them. I want to play them all!

    Great work, Senior S! 10/10.


  2. They are fantastic!
    I bet they were really fun to play (love the name Just-opoly!!)
    I'm sure the ideas in them were very clever too
    Well done


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