Friday, 31 July 2015

Adam Goodes and racism

Today, we read this cartoon in class:

Here are our opinions on the situation:
I see why he got upset as she was being racist but he did make a big deal over it but if you are going to join football you have to be ready to face that not every body loves you. Some people are going to boo, but they might only boo cause they're going for another team. I don't know much about it all. But maybe the crowd should keep some of their opinions to their self. They could hurt or upset someone, but he just has to move on or people are going to be annoyed which is what happened. He should be able to get over it because lots of other people can move on.

Well I think that people are being racist to him, but I don’t think that he should quit, because lots of people be racist to other countries, and I think that he did take it a little bit too seriously, and that he should just don't worry about it that much, and he should just ignore the people that are being racist to him.
My opinion is that he should not be racially offended by all the goings on in the news lately and booing. This should just be forgotten and we should move on. Majority of the crowd is not racist, so I think he should just let it go. He is a really good role model but now, I think its gone.

Adam Goodes should not be reacting to racism because he is just causing more people to make him annoyed. He gets angry because of people being racist but if he ignores it people will stop. He is getting picked on just because he is Aboriginal and he has a dark skin colour.
I don’t know why the pale people be racist to the darker people just because they are different. To me the Aboriginals were the first people here so why are we being racist to them if it is mainly their land. People should stop being racist and just get along and if you can’t get along get out of the country. Why do we have to be racist? It doesn't make a difference to anything. 
To me I don’t know the point if you be racist and Adam Goodes should just keep on playing without a single mean or racist thing shouted at him.
In my opinion, Adam Goodes is over reacting and the more you over react, the worse it will get. Booing is a part of footy and everyone will get booed one day. Booing is usually just because people are trying to put the other team off when they are booing them. With Adam Goodes, I think they are only doing it because they know that he will react and get really angry and worked up. But I still
think that it was no it’s deal that he did the war dance because he is obviously a proud indigenous man. But I don’t think that people are booing him because of that.

In my opinion, yes some of the comments people have made are racist and would offend him but when you go into AFL these things are going to happen. The probably shouldn’t but they are, a lot of people are not nice and don’t care of others feelings. Many football players and soccer players and all different people who play sport have had rude comments but they don’t just take it personally and decide or consider to quit they stay strong and keep going. I see where he is coming from and why he has considered to quit but whenever someone makes a comment he takes it as a racist comment when sometimes it isn’t. If you were to think about if an aboriginal person booed a white football nobody would consider it a racist comment.
Adam Goodes is making a very big fuss about this situation, the best advice I would give him is that he should just ignore it because I think most of the people are just trying to annoy him. If he were to ignore it people would see that he is not bothered by it and will stop. If they don’t and they might not he should keep it little and not make a big thing and keep doing what he loves, football. It seems like he wants to get heaps of attention which is what he is getting.

Ok why do we have to boo Adam goods? HE IS JUST LIKE US?! Is it because he is black or aboriginal? Is it because you just hate black people? IS IT BECAUSE THAT HE IS A BAD PLAYER?! Well if you said yes to any of those then you are racist! Who the hell cares if he is black and who cares if we are white? We are all the same inside. We can get along. But if you are hating because you are just a Professional boo-er then you can do what you want i don’t care! You boo at 50 white and a few black! That's fine. BUT REALLY?! Adam Goodes is an awesome football player! Is it because he did the war dance? Someone said to him in a game “Go back to a zoo you ape!” THAT IS RACIST! SOME APES ARE BLACK! SOME ARE ORANGE AND SOME ARE OTHER COLOURS. YOU DON'T CALL SOMEONE A GORILLA BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK! WE CAN ALL GET ALONG! Everyone is talking about this! AFL even say if you boo Adam goodes you are racist! You are only racist if you say “GET OFF THE GAME YOU BLACK PERSON!” That is %100 racist. He is a footballer. He will not always go with YOUR opinion. He won’t quit just because people are booing him. To have a big job you know what you need? Haters! What success do you have if you have haters to bring you down and the courage to bring yourself back up then my friend, you have successfully become a great man. As I have said earlier we should all just get along so then we wont have to WORRY about this problem about arguing. Why do you even boo him because he is black? Do you hate black people? Are you just trying to get attention? Oh well. Many opinions are different such as: “He just wants attention” if he wants attention then he can just go do something else. He would try to get the best goal. Not be all “boo hoo” about 1 hater turning into 10000! OMG!

Are people being racist towards Adam Goodes and Aboriginal people? No, People are just Booing Adam Goodes because be is a big sook. If you want to play any sport you will have to be able to take this and racist comments and booing. If you want it to stop play as you would like and do NOT pay any attention to the crowd. Most people are booing because all the other people are booing. Don’t keep talking about it 2 years later address it to the AFL committee and say “can you please help me I'm getting booed every me and every so often people are yelling out racist comments.” Don’t just quit football because people are booing. Like I said before, go out there and face it. Don't hide it will make it worse.

Adam Goodes takes everything too seriously. Anything racist he thinks it is targeted at him. Other Indigenous players get booed, but they don't take it as seriously as Adam Goodes. People still need to stop being racist, but Adam Goodes needs to stop taking everything so serious and get back to the game of footy. Stop being racist and Adam Goodes just stop.

I think Adam Goodes sometime takes things the wrong way and when he hears something he thinks it’s racist and he stops the game because he has been called a name and he says it out loud and wants the crowed to feel sorry for him but instead the crowed just boooo at him. Sometimes I think he wants to show off and he thinks he is the best in A.F.L and sometimes that's why people don't like him.

In my opinion I think that booing someone at a game is really rude, not only is it disrespectful but you are humiliating them but also hurting them. In this case with Adam Goodes I don’t really think its just Racism, it could be the racism, it could be about stuff he did years ago or it could just be plain hate. Either way booing someone just isn't fair, Adam Goodes or not, you shouldn't boo people. Booing someone at a game in front of millions of fans is a form of bullying. Bullying is not cool so don't do it.

I think that Adam Goodes can take things a bit too seriously. People might BOO at him but they just might do that because he on the opposite team or because the people just don’t like him. I’m pretty sure that what the girl said last year was racist. Overall he is still a great footballer and a good person.

If you go to an Aussie Rules Football game, or watch it at home, it’s unheard of for there not to be any booing. People boo the other team, especially when they score a goal or a point. But is it racist if you boo a team with a player of a different race to you? Is that player being a sook if they go on extended leave after that? Should you be punished for booing?
These days we call a lot of things racist, but what is the definition of racist?


Do you agree/disagree? What is your opinion?


  1. Loads of interesting commentary Senior S. It's always positive to' feel and have a vibe' about other peoples outlooks. Everyone is special. Everyone has their own feel on what is right and wrong. I loved your commentary about your OWN viewpoints. Keep it up. Your thoughts count!

  2. Ok. About Adam Goodes.. I do not believe that he is just 'sooking it up' for the sake of it. I believe he has a case. People treat other people unfairly -for many different reasons. Race, colour, religious beliefs, etc. Adam Goodes feels the pressure of his resolve ( what he believes in) and has stood up for it. It's nor a case of 'sooking' but rather he is standing for what he thinks is right. I admire him!

  3. Should you be allowed to boo or make racial comments/slurs at any sporting event (especially those that children are involved in? - At basketball you can be evicted from the venue for a specified amount of time.) What are your thoughts Senior S?


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