Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sovereign Hill: A journey back in time

On Friday, we left school very early to make our way to the historic village of Sovereign Hill, in Ballarat.
Sovereign Hill is set on an original 2 acres of gold fields. It teaches students and teachers about the history of Australia and it shows the way life was lived at that time in a very in depth way - Tia
It was a very long trip to SH and once we got there we were all very excited to explore the gold fields and to go through all the facts and to learn more about the Eureka Stockade and about the gold rush - Cooper T.
We did many fun things like learning about Australian History with a guy called Chris. We also went to the mines and we went to the lolly shop. Some things I learnt were that they goats there, because they used those animals to make food. I also learnt that you could melt quartz and put it in a mould and cool it down and it helped to make a bar of gold - James.
I found that this excursion was really fun and interesting because we learnt about Australian History. We also did gold panning and we watched a man melt gold and mould it into a brick. We got into groups of 3 and put on a costume and told the rest of the group about who that person was -Isabella
SH was fun because learnt about Australian's History through being shown what it was like during the gold rush in Victoria. My favourite was going gold panning and I found some gold - Natalie


  1. How did it feel while you were in the mines? How did the miners see what they were doing? Was it dangerous?

  2. Hi Senior S
    Did you go in underground mines and if you found gold when panning could you keep it.


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