Friday, 25 November 2016


This week we have been learning about poetry. Each day we have been focusing on a different kind of poetry. Every student has had to write at least one poem about each  type. Here are some examples of our poetry:
Sunset At The Beach, by Bridie
As the sun dipped below the horizon,
The sky turned pink and bright,
The sky is a picture that cannot be broken,
Until the sun disappears into the night.

Dolphins splash and play around,
While baby turtles hatch,
The sky then turns as blue as the ocean,
And ocean ad sky are a perfect match.

A boat is sitting out at sea,
While stars shine bright in the sky,
All the surfers have gone home for tea,
But the birds in the sky still fly high.

The night sounds yell out loud,
While waves crash on the sand,

The pier stands tall and proud,
This beautiful scene is definitely not bland.

Haiku - by BrandonP

I wish I could fly
Flying higher than the clouds
But jet packs don't work
Cinquain by Jack P.
Hot, Flamy
Burning, Warming, Killing
Heating the worlds ground

Haiku by Jack P.
The big elephant 
Flopping his big ears around
What a great creature

Cinquain by Will B
Wood, Leaves
Moving, Not Moving
Provide Valuable Oxygen

Haiku by Will B
Soccer is a sport
A sport where you kick the ball
Not your opponent
Fluffy fur
Rolling, eating, sleeping
Pandas are very lazy

Haiku by Lachie
Manta ray
Largest type of ray
They killed Aussie Steve Irwin
Cool but dangerous

Cinquain by Lachie
Cute, playful
Playing, sleeping, eating
A cute dog breed

Poetry with similes & Metaphors by Alex
Penguins are as soft as a pillow
There skin is as dark as night
There belly is as white as snow
Penguins are soft cuddly and full of love
I love penguins and so should you 

Cinquain by Jake
Massive, Heavy
Breaching, Slapping, Breeding
Migrating in the cold
Haiku: by Will H.
I see the cool view.
I read the confusing map.
I feel the cold wind.

Cinquain: by Will H.
Smelly and brown.
Digging, planting and growing.
Fresh, cool, clean, new.

Haiku by Ava
Sun and hot weather
It’s fun to go for a swim
The pools, beach and friends
Haiku by Riley G
I sense the goats pain 
Him getting more furious
thinking of a way out
Poem, by Brandon C.
On my journey to the war
I was real scared to the core
But then I met a friend named Ryan
Together we fought like a lion
Now I feel like dying
But Ryan was there which kept me fighting
Now I'm alive all thanks to Ryan
Our friendship has turned into iron
And we still fight like lions
That's why you have to treasure friendships
Because they may not last forever.
Haiku poem by Caoimhe
Fluffy duck swimming,
Floating on the smooth water,
playing in the sun


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