Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Time for the Students to Teach

Eventually the students want a turn at teaching and well that's what has been happening in our classroom. In partners, the students have been selecting an art lesson and teaching it to the other students well the teacher has been stepping aside.  There has been great feed back and this has been a learning opportunity for both the students leading and the students doing the lesson. This has been fun and we will definitely do this in again in the future.
-written by Sienna, Jasmine, Caoimhe, Alex

Both those lessons were awesome and I wish we could do them both again - Will H
I like how both lessons were to do with animals - Daisy
I like how the art lessons were really creative and well organised - Jake
I like how there was customisation of the lessons in that we got to choose what we could do - RileyG
I like that with both art pieces you could use different techniques - Natasha
I thought it was cool because we got to do something different and I think it is the best art we've ever done - Maria

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