Thursday, 1 June 2017

Fish Art

This week's art lessons was inspired by the Art of Roger Swainston an Australian painter and illustrator, whose focus is underwater images of marine life.
The students drew sketches of their chosen fish in the Visual Art Diaries and then did their good copy on A4 white cover paper, in grey lead pencil. We discussed using texta to provide detail and colour, but then many students decided to use pastels, because of the texture it provides and the colours they can create. Other students used metallic pencils and pastels because they better represented the shimmering scales of some fish.



  1. Beautiful work! From Nerhys Dineen

  2. Many colourful and creative fish. Well done! Rita

  3. Great work Middle S. Those fish look pretty real to me! From Sonya, Declan's mum


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