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Learning about Australian Celebrations

After watching an ABC Splash video about Australia Day and how Australians celebrate it, we reflected on this and our other learning about Australian History so far this term...
  • What celebrations have we been learning about?
  • How do people celebrate them?
  • Do people know WHY we have Australia Day?
  • How do you celebrate it?
  • Do you understand why the Aborigines feel a certain way about it?

Grade 4's:
This week we have been looking at Australia celebrations like NAIDOC week and Australia day. Australia day people think lucky for us we get a day of work let's celebrate but if you are a Aborigine they don’t say they want to celebrate because Australia day is the day the Aborigines got invaded by the English people. The Aborigines call Australia day invasion day. Last week we learned about NAIDOC week I learnt a lots about NAIDOC week as our languages matter. We watched a video about Australia day. People celebrate celebration by having lunch or dinner together or getting together for the day.
Some people don’t know why we have Australia day
This week we have been learning about binary code. We learnt that 1 is low and 0 is high. We are sending letters to people in our family or a friend I was sending one to my aunty Monica because she is going to America in two days but I forgot to send it so it won’t get to her so I have to write a new letter and send it to America. We have also learnt about Australian history.
Last week I went on ABC ME !!! we did news to me and we did a jumping competition and I won against Sam and Siana A by about one toe it was so close!!! I brought in some barefoot sandles that my mum crochet they look really cool.
This morning we watched a video about Australia day
We also said the places where people from our family come from
These are some of them:
There are a lot of countries where people are from but I think the most common is England and Ireland.
I have a grandpa from england.
A lot of people don’t know why we have Australia day the reason is to celebrate the first fleet.
For art this week we are doing the bush I’ve kind of messed it up but I know how to fix it we are doing some of Mrs Yores art from when she was teaching middles about 4 or 5 years ago the art pieces are really cool so far.
For maths we have been doing algorithms and angles but personally my favourite has been algorithms.
I think term 3 2017 is the best time ever!!!          
This week the middles are have being doing different celebration in Australia and aboriginals it is a lot of fun so first of all I did slides of aboriginals and one of my ones was where did aboriginals get there languages from?  and l did about 7 or 8 slides and it was a lot of fun after I did that l and this week we have being learning celebrations this week and today we have done what do we do on Australia day? And we also said where do people come from, such as Irish, welsh, English and a lot of  other ones.
Do people know why we have Australia day? It was the first fleet of aboriginals came to Australia.
How do you celebrate it? I celebrate it when i go to the city and have a bbq.
Madeleine K
This week we have been writing letters to someone in our family some people are doing it overseas and some people are not and I am writing it to my Mum and we have been doing different celebration in Australia and aboriginals.Today we watched an Australian day video and we have also learnt about Australian history and every country in our class. When we celebrate Australia day some people make a BBQ on Australia day and we went around the tables and we had to say what languages we are and I am Italian and English.
Last week I went on ABC me and it was so fun. We did a hula hoop competition and I won and we had to say that's new to me.
This week the middles have be learning about aboriginals and aboriginal history the middels watched a video about aboriginals and in the video these people came over on boats
They were people from England and when they saw it they said go away we do not want you here.
And then today we're learning about Australia day. Australia day is on January 26th. And then the middles watched a video about Australia day and it told us how special it is.
This week we are learning about Australian History and Celebrations and how they celebrated in the past. Some people talk in different languages in my class like: Indian and English. I celebrate with my family and family friends for Australia day and we have an BBQ.    
This week we were learning about Australia day and the aboriginals call it sorry day. Every country celebrates Australia day some people make a BBQ on Australia day. We also did letter writing and we did addition and angles for maths. People come to Australia  because it's a free country and  they think it's the best country to come to.
This week is the 2nd week of the term. This term was fun so far throughout this year. For writing this week we did letter writing and I sent it to my Grandma. For maths we did place value, addition and angles. For religion we did holy communion. And for inquiry we did Australian celebrations. The celebration we were learning about was Australia day. The reason we celebrate Australia day is that the English colonized Australia. The reason we have australia day is that we know that the first fleet came in 1788 on January 26. I celebrate Australia day by having a BBQ and spending time with my friends and family. I think that the aboriginals felt upset when the first fleet brought animals and stuff from England.
This term we are learning Australian history and we are also learning about aboriginals and their flag. The yellow on their flag means the sun and the red means the land and the black means the people. We are learning also about celebrations like Australia day and NAIDOC Week.
Maddie w
This term we learning  about Australian history and some of the ancestors of the people in my class are:

We are also learning about the special reason about Australia day. It is celebrating the first fleet sailed into Sydney and claimed Australia for the English.   
This week we have seen things about Australian celebrations and this morning we looked at some of our different cultures in our backgrounds! That part was so fun when i found out how many I've got! Here they are.
I am :
  • Scottish
  • Irish
  • English
  • danish
One cool story I learnt about Australia was that Australia day is also called invasion day and sorry day! This is also because they kind-of invaded the aborigines.
To say about all of this week was quite fun and very interesting!!!
So this week the class was learning about our background. Here are some of our backgrounds:
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Italian
And other languages
And we are learning about Australia day which is about when the first fleet came to Australia. Well I celebrated it  with a BBQ and it’s amazing.
I feel very sad for the aborigines because the English took their land.
This week in middle s Ms Scott has been teaching the class celebrations, like Australia day.
This week in middle s we have been learning about celebrations that all cultures celebrate.
The most popular celebrations was Australia day. I think people celebrate Australia by going to the beach and having a BBQ. I think people don’t know why we have austraila day. I celebrate Australia by having a BBQ. I think aboriginals don’t like Australia day.

Did you know that we have different countries in middle s. Here are some of them:
  • Irish
  • Indian                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • African
  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • German
  • Welsh
  • English
My ones are African and English.
This week we’ve been looking at Australian celebrations  and Australia day. On Australia day people think ‘hey it’s a day off work lets celebrate’. But for aboriginals its different. Australia day is celebrated on the same day the English came to Australia and invaded the aboriginals. The aboriginals call it invasion day. Australia day really celebrates  when the English colonised Australia.
Australia is one of the most multicultural countries - Our class has:
  • Lebanese
  • English
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Scottish
  • Maltese
  • Polish
And even Kenyan people. I could go on forever but there are at least 24 people in our class and we found about 30 different places in the world that we all came  from including those ones i just listed! Today we also watched a video on Australia day it told us about what people do and how they celebrate Australia day as well.


  1. So many different cultural backgrounds - Australia really is made up of many, many stories.

  2. Hi Eve,
    Did you know you had all those culture backgrounds?What was your favorite part?That must of been very fun.
    From Georgie


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