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Welcome Back to Term 3!

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During the weekend I had great holiday. On the end of the school My family and I visited Adelaide. At the end of of school me and my family rush to the airport before 7:00pm. When we walked into the plane I got bored in the plane for take an hour. I was so tired when we reached to Adelaide and I was so Happy and excited  after 2day we come home after going to the park and to beach house
Maddie W
The other day we did a recount writing on our holidays. This was my recount On the last day of the first week of holidays. me and my mum traveled on bus and train to the Melbourne museum. This was a surprise to my cousins because their Mum (my aunty)  did not tell where we were going but they did know that we were meeting up. We were secretly going to meet them on the second last box of the train and went to the museum. And had lots of fun.
Daniel :}
This week we were doing smash maths on our chromebooks and we played maths games and then we watch a video about the first people in Australia  then when the class finished watching it, Ms Scott shared a slide with us  it had some activities for us to do and we had to do a word search I thought it was fun and the activities were about aboriginals. The videos were in good, they gave me lots of information. Then the next day in class we got shared another tab from Ms Scott it was practicing our times table I got up to the 9x tables it was hard but fun, other people found it difficult.
This week we learnt about Naidoc week. We did a lot of activities. I did the aboriginal art. It took us a long time to finish. Every term 3 we have something special sport thing. This term 3 we do dance fever on wednesday. So to warm up we did yoga only.
On thursday we did a multiplication trainer. We got to choose how much time we get to finish in. The time we can choose are 10 minutes 8 minutes 5 minutes 1 minute or 10 seconds. I chose the tens and nines times table. This week is term 3 week 1 so I am getting use to school again.
This week we learnt about NAIDOC week. We had a lot of activities to do and I did the multiplication trainer it's all about times tables. I did the tens times tables and I nearly got all of them right.We also did smash maths on multiplication. I played three games. We also did dance fever and we did the mexican wave.
This week we learnt about Aboriginals. Also the grad fours got their pen licence. And we went on smash maths on our chromebooks for maths we did art on old trees in a desert. Ms scott tort as lots in the first week of term three. Some people are going on ABC ME.
Inti :)
During this week I learnt about NAIDOC Week. It’s about aboriginal people (it is really fun). So the class had 9 options.Some of them were...
  • Start your own hall of fame featuring aboriginal role models
  • Listen to aboriginal musicians or watch an interview with Traditional elders on ABC Splash
  • Make your own Aboriginal trivia quiz
Well I chose Make your own Aboriginal trivia quiz it was amazing
This week middle s has been doing our writing of what we did on our holidays and l did 4 pages and it was fun and out of all the middles of grade fours nearly all of them have got their pen license. Also we have been doing a NAIDOC activity and l have done a word search and what did the Aboriginals and I have done it all on my own that was really fun, and we have done a activity with Simon and James, from Dance Fever and that was really fun to what we did is we had to stretch and we did a giraffe and so we had to eat some pretend leaves and we had to go on to our tippy toes and with your hands and scrunch up the and pretend to go to the ground when we dropped and we also did smash maths and it was multiplication and division l played 2048 and that was fun to and that was the week and of what i did and that was a fun week end.
Celia :)
On the holidays I went to the gold coast and byron bay it was really fun the place that I stayed at had a 16 metre pool and in the front yard there was cows and bulls and we walked around byron bay a lot and we saw people with no shoes on so my mum made these things called barefoot sandals she crochet them. Then when we came home we had about 2 other weeks then we went back to school. The first week of school the year fours got their pen licence and today I’m getting filmed by ABC ME I am sooooo nervous. We now have dance fever come every Wednesday. Dance fever are two guys that are teaching us all different types of dances last Wednesday we learnt yoga. They played really weird music in the background but it was still fun. And that’s all from me!
Madeleine K
This week we have been learning about Aboriginals and the grade fours got there pen license. And on Wednesday we have sport and pe and for pe we had dance fever. And I am going on ABC Me on tv and when you go on tv they just ask you questions and you have to answer them.
Josh :)  
On the week 1 of term 3 we had a really exciting week! Here is some stuff we learnt about.
  • Dance fever
  • Binary code
  • We learnt about aboriginal
  • I’m going on ABC ME
That my favorite thing. Going on ABC ME is going to be fun. I had a good week at middle s!
This term we did dance fever it was very fun because we did exercise and stretching. The helpers names are simon and James. After that we did sport in the classroom it was a bit hard because the space was too small.
This week we did some recount writing and the focus was descriptive writing! I had about of page of it.
Also this term we are studying Australian history. The main focus would be Aboriginal culture. And for literacy we are making things like posters about things like that because of NAIDOC week. One of the things that really helped was that Ms. Scott let us borrow a book about history for our class.
I’m reading :
  • “Who am I? - the diary of Mary Talence”
To top it off this week was SO fun!!!!     
This week is the first week of the third term and it has been jam packed with AWESOMENESS! As well as that we got told that next month we’re going to the Australian immigration museum!
we also did this week:
  • Dance fever
  • the ABC me people are coming
  • I get to see all my friends again
  • We’re learning about Australian History
  • The grade fours are getting their pen licences
  • We have been playing smash maths games for maths
This term we’re learning
about Australian history and our teacher said that we should borrow an Australian historical fiction book to read from the Library, my book is called ‘My friend the enemy’. We’ve been learning a lot about NAIDOC week it stands for National, Aboriginal and Islanders Day Observance, Committee. Me and my partner eve did a poster and a quiz on aboriginal music as well.
This week was our first week back for Term 3. These are some of the things we have done this week
  • Dance Fever
  • Grade 4’s are trying to get their pen licence
  • ABC Me is coming to film the kids how haven’t been filmed before
  • NAIDOC Week
  • Recount writing
  • Multiplication trainer
  • I had keyboard
  • And best of all seeing all of my friends
  • Also because the class is learning about History we had to get a Historical fiction book I got 2 books one of them was called The letters of Rosie O’Brien and the second book is Meet Nellie
  • Because we are learning about History we are going to the Immigration Museum
Because we was NAIDOC week we have been doing NAIDOC activities. Me, Madeleine and Oscar are partners it is really fun. NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee.
This week has been jam packed with lots of things that we have been doing that are really fun!
We did...
  • Dance fever
  • Some people are doing ABC me
  • The grade 4’s got there pen license
  • We had to do recount writing without went and got
  • We have been learning about NAIDOC week {Our languages matter}
We did lots of fun things this week.
For term 3 we are learning about Australia’s History.
On Wednesday we had library and we had to borrow an historical fiction book and I got “Nira's many lives”.

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  1. Wow, what a great start to the term - sounds like so much fun!


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