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Term 3 reflection by Middle S and photos from our class party

What did you like the most about term 3, what did you learn that you didn’t know before, what helped your learning? What are you looking forward to in  term 4?

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This term was a very good term because we went on an excursion and I loved the Expo. My favorite part of this term was the Expo that we did not long ago that we did on My Family's Immigration story. I did it on my dad’s side of the family, in other words my nonno and nonna (that means Grandpa and Grandma in Italian.)
hat I am looking forward to next term is the knitting and board games with the senior citizens
This term was probably the best term ever because we had an expo on our family or someone’s immigration story to Australia. Most people did their family some people didn’t, I did my Grandma’s immigration story.
This week all the middles did a expo and a lot of people came to see me. Today we are having a class party and we had to bring our own country that we came from and the food that there was is Dutch, Italian and Canadian. A lot of food was there and this is the last day of school and then it is the school holidays. On Monday and Tuesday we did measuring and we went outside and we used measuring tools and it was really fun.
This term we did Australian History. I did my Immigration story but other people did Cuc Lam and similar people. We saw what Cuc Lam brought she brought a mini bag, with money and photos of her family. I did not know what immigration was but now I know lots of information. We did an expo and it went very well. We went to ACMI as well it was very fun acmi stands for Australian Center of the Moving Image.
This Term the middles had an expo on the last week of term. I was so happy about Australian History because Australian history is about people who have migrated to Australia and why they moved to Australia.
This term middles was learning about history of Australia. We went on an excursion to the Immigration Museum to learn about old stuff.
We learnt about Australian history and the middies did a  expo on people's immigration story.
This term we were learning about immigration and history. We had a lot of learning to history for example the first fleet came to Australia in the 26th of January 1788. When I was sick the rest of the middles went to the immigration museum. The thing I learnt the most was my family immigration story. First I hardly knew about my family immigration story but now I really know about it. It was fun presenting my family immigration story. Next term I am looking forward to learning about environment and how to help the environment.
This term we had an expo of our grandparents or anyone is our family. So we had to work on it for a couple of weeks some people got to present because they were finished. When it was time at school  we got our stuff ready in the library after lunch we would come back and present our presentation and some people made it on posters. After when the lunch bell went, the one that meant that lunch is over, we went to the library and we got ready for the school and parents to come in. Then Ms Scott gave made reports to take home at the next 2 or 3 days then it was home time.
This term we had our expo and we had to do another person's immigration story. Mine was about my family's immigration story it was so fun. Also we are having a multicultural class party today. Also we had a excursion earlier this term we went to Acmi and the immigration museum It was awesome!
This has been the best term ever !
This team we have been learning about immigration and we did an expo on immigration also. At the end of the term we get a class party.
This term in middle.s we were learning about immigration and why people immigrate
to Australia. Our immigration excursion was to ACMI and then to the immigration museum.    
In this term we learnt about subtraction and  next term i want to learn about the other stuff i love this year.
This week has been the best week. We have been practising for the production because we have school holidays and then the production. On Tuesday we had our expo on our Immigration of coming somewhere else to coming to Australia. I did my family on my dad's side and I got 41 people coming to my station including adults. I got a picture taking with my mum. Now today it’s the last day of the term and we are going to have a party!
Madeleine K
This week have been doing practicing our school production. We also have been doing our family immigration story and 25 people came to my presentation.
Maddie w
This week in inquiry we have been learning immigration and made a slideshow.  Mine was about Eva Warhurst and she left with one sister and three brother and got sent to Australia.
This term we have had lots of fun with our inquiry topic “Immigration stories.” I found it really fun. I can’t wait until term 4 because our topic is Environment and sustainability. Also next term on the first Thursday of term we are doing our school play. Me and scarlett  are writing a story together and it's called A Pip For Ellie. I am having SO much fun writing it.      
This term we learnt about Australian history and we had an expo on it, because we learnt about Australian history we went to the Australian immigration museum. It’s the last day of term and we're only here for half a day, the last day of term is always the best because we normally have a end of term party but this term we’re having a multicultural food festival but it’s only the middles. For the last couple of weeks our class has been doing partner narratives. My partner is Eve and our story is about a pug called Ellie and a numbat called Pip that travel all around Australia to find their owner Sidney Lewis Smith. I can’t wait till next term which is term 4 because the topic is Environment & sustainability! I personally can’t wait because I love the natural environment and nature.
This term was AMAZING I have learnt so much and had so much fun. Our inquiry unit was immigration to Australia, the Middles went to the Melbourne History Museum and ACMI ( Australian Centre for the Moving Image ) for our expo I chose to do Anh Do’s Immigration story. We had our multi cultural food party I bought scones for England. I can't wait for next term!           
This term we have had lots of fun because today we are having a class party and I was the one thought of the idea of doing a multi cultural party. I brought neenish tarts from England.
This term we have been learning about Australian history and immigration and we did a P.L.T on either your family’s immigration story or a famous immigrant. I did Caroline Chisholm.
This term we have also practiced our concert. I think the concert will be really good and my sister has one of the main part because the concert is called the legend of the three trees and my sister is the olive tree. Personally I think this was the BEST TERM EVER!!!        
This term has been fun learning about Australian history! I already knew a bit about the first fleet and things like that but this year we flipped it around and saw it from the Aboriginals’ point of view. We also learnt a lot about immigration from other countries. I learnt that my family came from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Some of our food from the Multi-cultural party:

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  1. Great Term Middle S. very interesting to read all of your family stories and how you embraced not only the expo but the cooking of your 'homeland' food. You are all very lucky :)


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