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What is Reciprocal Reading?

Our Week 9 blog post on Reciprocal Reading
Last week the Middles began learning about and doing Reciprocal Reading in class. At the moment we are doing it with our teacher but eventually we hope to run our groups independently. Below are our thoughts on what reciprocal reading is and how it help us to be better readers...
What is it? How does it help me?
We all know how to read…. But do we all know how to make it super easy.
Reciprocal reading is a form of reading that makes it really easy to predict with a group or solo (by yourself). It shows how to predict, read, clarify ask and discuss also sum up. Doing it in a group first helps then when you get the hang of it you can eventually do it solo. It helped me because I stopped making as many mistakes and it also helped me understand the book, the concept and the content and you can get into groups and not buffer as much (more fluent). It also helps with reading faster and understanding words or phrases. With predicting, you predict what the subtitle/heading might be about before reading it read when you read you read the book or a few pages and then with clarify you clarify any tricky words phrases or sentences in the text with ask and discuss you discuss what the text is about  and things you realised and with sum up you briefly explain what the text is about.
Reciprocal reading is to read a story and to predict, read, clarify and to ask a question and discuss and sum up. It helps me by reading and knowing more words.
I am talking about reciprocal reading. Reciprocal reading is about how we can read a easy book then a harder book or a longer book. First is Predicting, Reading, Clarifying, Asking Questions and Summing up. It had helped me a lot me because now I can read harder book.
This week we did reciprocal reading and it was fun. Reciprocal  reading is when you have a group and you have all of these five questions. The first two are Let’s read and predict. The second two are: Clarify and Ask any questions to discuss and the last one is sum up.we took turns and the first to we used were Predicted and Read. Then this week and next week we do clarify,ask question and discuss and last but not least sum up. Then  It helps me to learn new words and I can help other kids to learn.   
This week we were learning how to make reading fun and easier so we are all learning how to make it easier to read and fun to read. So the class and our teacher made groups of four and there is four cards so the cards that we have we read out and mine was in my group predict and read so I need to say for an example:  I think that ( chapter )  is gonna be about  that is alone would anyone like to add  then i'll pick someone and they will add then the clarifier would ask if anyone has a ord they don't understand and if someone does not understand a word the clarifier would write it down on a whiteboard and then get the teacher's Ipad and search the word up and then they would find out what the word is. After the Ask Questions and discuss person would say What have we learnt then they will pick people to say what they have learnt after at the end the Sum Up will say what was (Name) About also they would pick what it was about After the group would Give the cards to the teacher and pack up and that's all.
This week in Middle S we did reciprocal reading, reciprocal reading is when there are 5 roles that people take part in. The first role is to predict, you predict about what the book might be about and if anyone would like to add to your prediction. The second role is to read, you tell everyone to read to check if the prediction was correct. The third role is to clarify, you ask if anyone needs to clarify any words or phrases. The fourth role is to ask questions and discuss, you ask everyone about what they learnt  and what they’re wondering about. The last role is to sum up, you tell everyone what the book was about and if they would like to add to your summary. After all the roles are finished you swap over and the rotation starts again.

Today  our literacy groups did  Reciprocal Reading where we had 5 jobs  predict,read,clarify,  questions and sum up. We did history books like moving from  home,migration and immigration. E.g Clarify you say is there any tricky words, ideas or phrases that you need to clarify if they say … you type it up then and share what it means e.g voyage    voyage means someone on a long journey.
Reciprocal Reading is when there are 5 people that have a job each that are predicting, read, clarify, discuss, sum up. It is an independent job with usually no teacher. This week was with a teacher because we were starting. I think
Reciprocal Reading is fun for people that like to read with other people
This Week for literacy we did reciprocal reading. Reciprocal reading is a way of learning to read.  We had four people in each group. The first person predicts it means you try to guess what you think the story is about.  Then you have to read to find out about your predictions. After you clarify and tell the words that you do not know if one person does not know what the word means and everyone else knows it you still need to search up the word. The last thing you do is summing up you need to check out the predictions from the start. Reciprocal reading helped me with my comprehension  and to learn new words that I do not know and to do stuff with a group.
When I did Reciprocal Reading was really good because we got to calibrate, What you do in reciprocal reading is when you each get a card and you have to follow what it says on the card, one of them ses what can you predict so then you predict what the story is about, then there is one that says “Now let’s read and find out if any of the predictions are right” so we read and find out. Then we clarify any words or phrases that we don’t know about. Then we ask questions and discuss stuff about the story or book. Then we sum up and try and tell the story in a shorter version. Reciprocal reading helps me READ, PREDICT, CLARIFY, DISCUS AND SUM UP.
This week middle s did reciprocal reading. reciprocal reading is when you have 4 or 5 people and you get a card and whoever is the first one to read they get two cards .everyone else gets one card and the first person reads a card out and says I predict … and other people say some other things.  it helps me because I do not know what it is about and then I predict that … and then I guess what it is about and that is what you.     
This week the class has been learning about reciprocal reading. Reciprocal reading is when the class is put in a group. One group is with ms scott and the other groups are doing their literacy task. The group dose 5 thing. The 1st thing they do is to predict the story. The 2nd thing is to read the story. 3rd is clarify the words. 4th is asking questions. 5th  is summing up.
This week we have been learning about reciprocal Reading. Reciprocal reading is when you sit in a circle and you read a book and there are 5 things you have to do. The 1st thing you have to do is predict what the story is about. The 2nd thing you have to do is read it. The 3rd thing is clarify which is when you ask what some words mean. The 4th thing is asking questions and discuss. The 5th is summing up which means clear everything up so you don’t keep wondering about something. Reciprocal reading helps me to pay more attention when I am reading because if someone asks me what the story is about and it also helps me to understand words. I have only done it once. The people in my group are Georgie, Scarlett, Sophie and I (Celia). The book that we read was leaving home which is about Immigrating to Australia and how they got here, what they brought and how hard it was to leave your family, friend and country.      
Madeleine K
This week we have been doing  reciprocal reading. Reciprocal reading is when you get into a group and have four five or six people and you get a card each. What you have on your card you have to do and we all get a card and we read the book and after we read the book we have to say what it was about. Before you read the book you have to look at the picture and say what you think it might be about and the whole group and you have to discuss what they think it might be about.
This week in middle.s we are learning about Reciprocal reading. It is when you are in a group and you discuss about a book. It will really help you and you also know lots more about it.
This week in middle S we practiced our Reciprocal Reading.  Reciprocal Reading
is when there is a group and then there is a predictor , reader (you need to know how to read), a clarifier and then they will sum it up and ask questions.
In my group we read “Leaving Home”. I predicted that it would be about families in bad situations that means that they have to leave home.

I think  Reciprocal Reading helps us to understand what we are reading.      
This week our class did reciprocal reading. Reciprocal reading is a form of reading, it’s when you get into a group of 4 and each person has a job.
  • Leader is in charge of predicting and reading
  • Clarifying
  • question asker
  • summing up
The leader (predicting and reading) says “Ipredict… about this book, does anyone like to add to my prediction or ask any questions?” then once the leaders done that the leader says “let’s read to check our prediction and find out more” after that the group reads to themself (you need to know how to read). Once they’ve read the page the clarifier says “is there anything you need to clarify such as tricky words or perhaps even ideas?” Eventually at the end after the question asker has said “what did we learn? What else are you wondering about?” the person summing up says “i think the book was about… would anyone like to add to my summary?”
Do you know what reciprocal reading is? Reciprocal Reading is a five part step that goes Predict, Read, Clarify, Question / Discuss and Sum Up. There are four people in the group the first person predicts what the book will be about then asks if anyone else wants to add to the prediction and then says let's read to see if we were correct. The second says does anyone want to clarify any tricky words, phrases or ideas. The third person says what did we learn and what else are we wondering about? The fourth person sums up what the book was about and asks if anyone wants to add to the summary.

I think Reciprocal Reading helps because you can discuss what you’ve read, so you understand more about what you are reading.       
This week we have been doing small reciprocal reading groups. Each group had about 4 people in it and some groups had Ms. Scott working with them. Each person had a different role out of Predict and read, Clarify, ask questions and discus or sum up. Sum up was probably the hardest one because you have to really understand the book and be able to sum it up in a few sentences. Reciprocal reading helped me understand the book more and made reading an information book really fun!
Madeleine W.
This week Middle S have been doing reciprocal reading with Ms Scott. What is reciprocal reading? reciprocal reading is reading a book and there are positions like clarify, predict, ask Question and sub up. It’s lots of fun to work  in a group. It helped me read better and I Learnt some words.

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