Thursday, 27 June 2013

End of Term 2 Review

This term has been really great. It has been full of learning, education and technology. I hope next term will be just as fun - Maddy
It was really fun making our cat pictures in art and it was interesting learning about the Mountain Pygmy Possum - Brandon C
In maths we were learning how to solve Maths problems which I'm not that used to - Kitty
I've really enjoyed this term. I've enjoyed working with Piers on our Inquiry into our parks and how we can help them with picking up rubbish. Plus I enjoyed bringing my doggy Monty in. - Adam
I thought this term has been really fun and I thought that I learnt heaps, especially Maths - Jamie
This term I've really enjoyed working on our Inquiry and I've learnt different ways to look after the environment - Rosie
A few weeks ago we learnt about Perimeter, length, volume and area. We also have been going on twitter and I think we've been pretty successful with it. It helps me with my spelling because sometimes I look on twitter and I see how to spell quite a few words - Natalie
I was a bit excited this term when I ran my art lesson with the class. We made pictures of albatrosses. I liked how we brought in some of our pets and I hope we get permission to do it next term - Angus

This term we went to CERES and we learnt about the environment and how to care for the environment - Mia
This term I enjoyed doing my Inquiry. I also enjoyed it when that lady brought in her dog and I thought the dog was really well behaved and the lady did a good job training it – Jack
I think this was one of the best terms I have had, because we got to do all fun things and I liked doing the Inquiry with James – Travis
We learnt a lot this term and this year. My favourite topic was Maths. This term was great – Will
This term was a longer term than other terms so we learnt more – James
I’m going back to my old school and when I go I’m really going to miss this school, because we had such a great term – Ivy
This term was great. I learnt a lot. I loved doing the albatross art and learning about the dogs with Kato the dog and Melinda – Jasmine
I really liked this term because I got my blog, because I get to post stuff myself – Brandon P
I’ve enjoyed doing Maths – Diesel

I have had a wonderful term with Middle S. We have been on a fabulous excursion to CERES where we made many discoveries about the impact of humans on the planet. We then used this learning to explore environmental issues that we believe are important and took action to address them. As well as establishing our own personal blogs, we have embraced the microblogging platform of twitter and made some lovely connections with other students in Australia and overseas. I look forward to Term 3 and the opportunity we will have to explore the choices we make in our lives that contribute to our emotional and physical health (next term’s Inquiry topic!) – Ms Scott


  1. Congratulations MiddleS!
    What an amazing variety of experiences, activities and learning you have had. It is fantastic to hear all the terrific work you have done to help our environment, your maths problem solving and strategies and all the fun you have had along the way. Thanks-you for sharing your learning journey. I wonder what is in store for you all in Term 3???
    Mrs Verona Gridley

  2. Sounds like you have done some great things Middle S and all deserve a holiday! Next term's Inquiry topic sounds great too. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this as I have enjoyed the work you have been doing on the environment this term too. Suzi (Madeline's mum)

  3. Sounds like a great term's work with lots of fun things and variety Middle S. Sorry to hear Ivy is leaving :( Everyone will miss you Ivy.
    Have a wonderful holiday, see you next term
    Mrs Bellesini :)

  4. Great effort all round, Middle S. And you've spread the word on your blog too!! I love the idea of student inspired, and student run, art lessons. I have seen the sensational results. Angus' idea was particularly colourful.

    Mrs Yore


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