Friday, 21 June 2013

Sport with Dylan

Today Dylan  came to our class to help us learn. After play Dylan took us out to the play ground to play sport. We started off with some stretches. After that we played pancake tiggy.
He also taught us a new game of dodgeball.
Just before lunch we gave Dylan some feedback about his lesson:
It was more fun than our other one. I like how you got to go up close - Jack
It's better than all the dodgeballs I've played - Piers
It's fun getting to go up to the yellow line, not just the half line, to throw the ball -Riley


  1. Hi Middle S,
    I am glad that you had fun with Dylan and that you found out how to play dodgeball another way. I would love to hear how it is different from the original game that you knew.
    Mrs David

  2. Hi Middle M,
    Good to see you using and developing new skills

  3. It looks and sounds as though you had a good time playing sport with Dylan. Healthy body, healthy mind!! Is he coming back?
    Mrs Bellesini :)


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