Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Responsible Pet Ownership

Last week the Juniors and Middles had the privilege of meeting Melinda and her dog, Kato. They go around to schools telling students how to look after their pets and also how to approach dogs in a safe way. Here are some pictures of the Middles approaching Kato:

This visit inspired some students in Middle S to bring in their pets to visit the class. Ivy's mum brought in Flopsy, their cat:

And yesterday, Adam's mum brought in Monty, their Bearded Collie. Monty was very excited to meet Middle S and he even did a dance for us. Meeting Monty was great as we got to practise our safe approach to dogs techniques that we learnt last week.


  1. What a fun week at school - Middle S you are so lucky to have such furbulous visitors this week! Both Monty and Flopsy look so cuddly and loved Adam and Ivy are very lucky to have such lovely pets.

  2. Monty had a wonderful time making friends with Middle S and showing off his dancing moves!


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