Monday, 22 February 2016

One School, One World (Part 1)

Today our school is participating in the One School, One World challenge #1S1W.  We tweeted about us doing sports (athletics), library and the Preps, grade one's and two's going to swimming lessons. By seeing the way other people go to school it gives us ideas, let's us learn about the way they go to school and we can compare what we do and what they do and what we both do differently. 

Already by seeing the tweets from New Zealand schools, it has showed us that they also do library, sport and the cyber safety lessons ( digital footprint ) like us. We did notice they do wear school uniforms but they are different to ours.

Looking at timezones to figure out which country is starting school next is helping us learn maths in different ways. Using the default app on the iPhone, clock helped us because we could use world clock and search other countries because it would tell us how far behind other countries are. 

We had a Tweet from a teacher in Canada who wanted to connect to our story. So we looked at the time in Saskatoon, Canada and found that it is 17 hours behind us in Melbourne so when they start school at 9 o'clock on the 22nd February it will be 2 am in the morning on the 23rd February over here and we will be asleep.

We look forward to learning more about other schools in other countries when we come to school tomorrow.

Here we are figuring out the time differences ! Maths in action

By Bridie D, Jack P, Riley O and Will B.

Teachers Note: 
Our students are under 13 and we Tweet from teacher based school accounts to demonstrate the power of Social media and appropriate use. 


  1. Hi seniors! I am very impressed with your post about one school one world challenge. I am especially impressed with the maths that you included. I am missing you all very mu h and love seeing the work on your blog. Keep up the awesome posts.
    Mrs Gridley :)

  2. Hello from Saskatchewan, Canada! Thanks for including us in your post. We'll be reading it as a class tomorrow and recording our thoughts on the #1S1W challenge via padlet (instead of our kidblogs). We'd love to hear from you and your thoughts too! Here's the links:
    Ms. Korver and her grade 6 class.


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