Thursday, 11 February 2016

WELCOME TO 2016!!!!!

Here is a photo from our first day. What do you think we were writing about?

This Tuesday was world Safe Internet Day. Thanks to Lou from Whole School Partners who explored some current themes about how WE can make the internet a safer place.

The grade fives experienced their first foray into applying Hexagonal Thinking to the human body. This showed how much we know and how much we want to learn. It was also an excellent opportunity to show our outstanding ability to work as a group.

Cooking pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Thanks Will and Jack for stepping up here and showing how organised and skillful you are making multiple pancakes.

Our exploration of cool and warm colours in Art. Thanks Elisa and Alex for the display.


  1. Wow Seniors,
    You have been really busy already. I look forward to seeing what happens next in the adventure of 2016!

    Mrs C

  2. Ho Senior S,

    I love peeking through the door and looking at your beautiful and inspiring.....why art of course!

    Mrs Y


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