Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Our responses to the Missy Higgins/Caritas video, "Oh Canada"

Today, in class, we watched and listened to the Missy Higgins video, "Oh, Canada!" which is on the Caritas Australia website.
After watching the video we shared our thoughts and feelings, and then we responded visually to what we heard and saw.

Here are our responses...


  1. Senior S....what a powerful statement by Missy Higgins. I admire those in the limelight who use their position to advance the cause of justice!

    Mrs Y

  2. The poetry of music can be powerful in bringing us to even a place of such sadness. She is using her voice to make a difference so others like this little boy will not perish. What is the difference we can make in our small way?

  3. An opportunity to reach out in love and mercy

  4. How amazing seeing the work of students in canada


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