Friday, 2 March 2018

Discovering new things about our brains and emotions

Today, we had a special visitor who came into to talk about our brains. Emma'as mum, Sharon, is a psychologist and she told us lots of interesting information about our brains and how they control our emotions and feelings and things we do.
We started the session by trying to solve a paper puzzle, then read a book about the parts of our brain and how plastic our brain is.

Thanks Emma!!


  1. Everyone looks so engaged in their work, it must have been very interesting. Why is the brain described as elastic? Emma (Myla’s mum)

    1. Because we learn new things every day and our brain grows - Bianca
      The more stuff we learn the bigger our brain gets - Harry
      Each day we learn new things and it stretches our brain - Celia
      Our brain grows until the day we die - Erin
      Our brain gets bigger when we practise and learn new things in life - Tara


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