Thursday, 29 March 2018

First term of grade 3 and 4 this year

Reflect on your first term in grade 3 or 4.I
What are you LOOKING FORWARD TO next term??
I had a really good first term in middle.S 2018. I have lots of friends in class and I improved in writing, maths and reading. I learnt how to write persuasive pieces in class better and in maths I have started to learn about grade 7 subtraction and addition. In reading I’m learning to read fact and opinion Sheets in literacy. In term 2 I’m looking forward to inquiry because we are learning chemistry so we are probably going to rebuild the school in term 3. But I really hope not. I had a really good term 1 and I hope it's the same in term 2!
This term has been fantastic! I have learnt lots like the days of holy week are Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
I’m hoping next term I learn all of my times tables. I’m looking forward to doing chemistry next term.      
This term has been really fun and full of surprises. Some of the highlights from this term have been twilight sports, interschool athletics, doing tessellations holy week and lent. Holy week is Palm Sunday and today is Holy Thursday tomorrow is good Friday Saturday is Holy Saturday and then sunday is Easter Sunday. In inquiry we made board games witch was so fun we made instructions game cards and then the game board.
Being a grade 4 is fun. I’ve had a fantastic first term. I enjoyed persuasive writing, tessellations, learning about the brain and vertical notation. I can’t wait for chemistry next term and I’m also looking forward. I’ve finally got into a cycle with my homework. The Game Of Life was a fun way to learn.
My first term in Grade 4 was great. I had a lot of fun with my new classmates. This term for our inquiry project was making our own game of life. We have all taken them home. I hope this time for our project is a slide show or a poster. For term 2 I am looking forward to our new inquiry question. I hope that next term is better than this term.
Being in grade 3 is fun but also hard .L can’t wait for Chemistry next team. L have really enjoyed art this year especially tessellations liked learning how to play in sport l have really liked learning basketball SEL and library.
Being a grade 3 is a little bit hard but it’s the best grade ever when you’re in grade 3 it is a lot harder than  grade 2 and 1 and prep so when you move in grade 4 it might be a little harder but i don’t know about grade 4 because i am  not in grade 4 yet when you’re in this grade you have to listen more and i am  looking forward to grade 4 and 5 and 6 sometimes when you go into grade 2 1 3 you miss prep when you go into grade 3 you will learn about cyber safety because you will get your chromebook and you will do so much maths sometimes the maths are fun just saying grade 3 is fun when you get your chromebook you have to have your diary.
Being a grade 3 is really fun and I love being a grade 3 and very excited and surprised that we get chromebooks in grade 3 and was very excited to get homework but now i think it is a little boring that i have to do it after school instead of playing iPad. And are really excited about Easter and really want to learn about chemistry because i want to be a scientist and really want to finish my tesselation art and i am really looking forward to learning about science and really want to do more kahoots and genius hour.I want to improve my handwriting and my 4 times tables and more of my 7 times tables and doing more library and sport and more of S.E.L. and to do some science.
Being a grade 3 is cool but it's also a bit hard I love doing homework I love my new teacher and all my classmates. I can't wait for chemistry unit next term and all the other things we will be doing. This term I was really excited to get my chromebook I loved making my game of life. And I am super excited to make my first genius hour. I probably think this year is gonna be the best year of my life.
I love everything I think I will love grade 3, better enjoy it because time flies when you're having fun.
I have learned a lot this term like how to do tessellations, and different ways of working out subtraction and addition. I also I really really enjoyed making the game of life it was really fun but also hard to. I’m really excited for easter! I’m also really excited for next term because where doing chemistry. I have really enjoyed being with my new classmates and i have made a lot of new friends it has been a great term and i hope next term is the same as this term.
Luke (:
My first term in grade 3 was so fun. I learnt tessellations and also art and about Picasso. We also got Studyladder logins to use on our Chromebooks. We did some persuasive writing and I wrote about I think that Winter is better than Summer.            
We are doing science next term and I looking forward to chemistry and chemistry there is a volcano thing.

My First term was AWESOME. We have been doing maths and we learnt a lot about Symmetry and Symmetry lines and what shapes are used for it. We’ve also been doing a lot of Addition and Subtraction with partitioning and Compensating. What I’d love to learn next term is maths but vertical notation with Subtraction and Addition. I also enjoy doing art so next term I would like to do art and something interesting and creative like DIY. So i’m really really excited!!
This term it has been really fun being a grade four and meeting new classmates. This term with maths I have learnt lots about symmetry and what shapes are used for it and we were also learning about addition and subtraction now I know lots about it.
Our first term was grate I had so much fun. It is the last day of school I am so excited for next term to learn new chemistry I am like next level at maths I prefer this term more than normal. Last year I did not really want to go to school but this year really want to go to school I love school  so so so so so much it is so much fun learning new things and I love the people in my class sport me so well and I got the best teacher ever.  
I can't wait until term 2 because of science it's so fun. I am excited for Easter. It is the last day of school. I really want to learn my 12 times tables. I can't wait until term 2. 
I made a lot of friends this term. I've found more strategies for doing subtraction and addition. I’ve also been learning about the Stations of the Cross. I learnt about Lent, almsgiving and prayer. In inquiry I learnt how to make a good board game and I also learnt how to keep myself fit and healthy and how other can too. I also learnt about the brain - the frontal cortex, the hippocampus and the amygdala.
In sports we’ve been practising basketball. In SEL (Social Emotional Learning)    we've been practising how to be calm and be cooperative, and work with others.
In Art we learnt about tessellations, by M.C. Escher.
I’m looking forward to next term and we are going to learn about Chemistry. I have already learnt a lot about chemistry and how the atom is made, with protons, nucleus, the shell and the electrons.
I had a great time this term and I’m really looking forward to next term. I’m really grateful that I’m able to go to school :)
Last year I was very stressed about year 3 but now it’s the best. I don’t have anything to worry about. I am SO excited for next term because I am going to do my first chemistry class! I am so excited I can jump over the moon. Not exactly but I could.
I also want to learn my 12 times tables.
Max s
This term 1 was the best term ever!!! I loved getting my chromebook in week 4. Maths and literacy was a improvement, because we got to do some using our chromebooks. And using my for art .i've also would always wanted to do chemistry and I really want to code a video game.   

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