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Reflection on our Learning this week

Reflection on our learning this week
This week I have learnt a lot with sport and I have been practising for into school sports and it has been going really good for everybody no injuries at all. The class also have been doing The Game Of Life that were doing for inquiry for the rest of the term. For maths all of us are doing 2D shapes and how they fit into 3D shapes. I am so impressed that my class have been doing AWESOME tessellations for art and all the ways there making them and I enjoyed looking at all the different artwork people have been doing. I am Fascinated with my classes work and how outstanding the year 3s are so far. For Religion we were watching a video about Ryan's Well Foundation. I am happy with the class I have this year and I am enjoying it A LOT!   BUONA PASQUA ! ( Happy Easter!)
Sport because we were practising for into school sports like the sprints and hurdles.
Literacy because i really liked the literacy groups and my fav part about it was practising predicting. In Religion, We were watching a video about the Ryan's well foundation it was really interesting.
Italian, we were making easter baskets and… BUONA PASQUA! (HAPPY EASTER)
This week I liked maths the best.The tangrams and shapes were cool and so were the tessellations.We continued tessellations in art and made our own.In religion we talked about the Ryan's well foundation and the prodigal son.For inquiry we are making our own board games called The Game Of Life. We’re doing it because our rich question is Who am I and how can care for myself and others? In italian we we are making easter baskets, BUONA PASQUA! (Happy Easter).
This week I learned about the game of life and made them n our chromebooks and during art we made tessellations and at class we learned about predicting and read a text called The AVIARY. In italian we learned that happy easter  in italian is called buona pasqua!And in p.e. We learned about basketball and how you play it.And it was the bestweek in my life!
This week l have learnt a lot about the chromebooks a chromebook is a computer l also learnt  lods of new art that is very interesting and new maths ‘sport and l am very excited for lent and next wednesday because i am going to my first italian class buona pasqua which means happy easter ciao!!!#lol for my bff aleissa!!! #cool!!
I had a really good week in Middle.S. My favorite thing was doing tessellation in art. I made a square one that looked really cool. We also did tessellations in maths that was amazing! We practiced for inter school sports in PE and I helped Ms Scott with discus. I don’t think I will be in inter school sports. In italian we made easter baskets and learnt buona pasqua (which means happy easter). In writing we did a persuasive piece about if teachers should wear uniforms.
This WEEK I learnt a lot of stuff and I am also making a game of life board game. In maths i did tessellations which was so fun. Oh, no! I forgot easter and in italian it is (buona pasqua)
This week was AMAZING!!! I learnt about consequences in literacy. In maths I learnt about shapes and learned about Sliding , Flipping and Turning.I also learnt about bullying like why people bully others because they think they look cool or they think it is funny. But that is not cool or funny. In italian we made easter baskets and we learned how to say Happy Easter!In italian .We also played dodgeball in P.E .We did tessellations in art by M.C Escher. HAPPY EASTER! Or should I say BUONA PASQUA! (The italian way of saying happy easter!)
This week has been amazing we learnt very fun new  maths and new literacy it has been amazing learning about 2d shapes new stores and new spot and art  p.e we got our chromebooks i love grade 3 it is challenging work.
In maths we learnt about number lines 2D shapes and we learnt art we did our faces and we did tessellations art but we did not finish
This week we did a lot! For maths we have been learning about tessellations and 2d shapes. For literacy we did prefixes, pobble 365 and grammar. All of us read this story called the aviary and in teacher group we did this story called rules. For art we did tessellations again but this time we drew shapes with pencil. In religion we did either a pretend review show or acting about the prodigal son. For p.e we did basketball skills E.G shooting, dribbling and ball control. This week was great.
This week has been really fun. We have been doing art with tessellations and we also have been doing italian and we have learnt how to say buona pasqua it means happy easter. And in maths we have been doing 2D shapes, especially that you can flip slide and turn.
This week has been really fun and has been full of adventures yesterday (Thursday) we learnt about tessellations and how they cannot overlap or have gaps then we made our own. This week we also started our games of life which we had to make game cards to play the game. In italian this week we started Our Easter baskets and we learnt how to say Buona Pasqua which means Happy Easter.
This week i have learnt a lot. In maths I’ve learnt more about 2D and with art I learnt about tessellations and how they can’t have any gaps and they can’t overlap. In Italian we made easter baskets and I learnt how to say Buona Pasqua (Happy Easter.) And in inquiry we are making our own game of life! It’s nothing like the real game of life so if you have played life before it’s not that. So first we made cards under these titles: Me as a learner, learning together, My community and My identity and we made 4 for each title and then we made rules to go with the game. We got to make our game however we wanted. In literacy  
This week I learnt a lot. I learnt maths, reading and sport. We have been doing Game of life cards we are creating a game and it’s cold Game of life and I learnt Italian. I love school it amazing I have b
Max S
This week we began our game of life it was fun making our game of life cards for our very board game it explains life. We made tessellations on our computers it was amazing and fun! And we did math we made shapes with shapes. And art was fun
This week has been really fun. on Monday we had no school but on Tuesday we did shapes for maths and the prodigal son for Religion. On Wednesday we had sport, S.E.L and library and we started doing the game of life, which is a board game that we are making and we started going the cards. On Thursday we had Italian and we made paper easter baskets and we learnt how to say Buona Pasqua which means Happy Easter in Italian, we also did performing arts and we learnt how to use our diaphragm when we sing. On Friday was tuck shop and the first thing we did was sport and we were practising for into school sports and I think I might be doing shot putt, We also learnt about the no bullying association and on Sunday is the school fete which is really exciting. For the whole week we have been learning about tessellations and we even did them for art and that was really hard but fun we have also learnt about Ryan's well foundation and I think he was a really caring 7 year old .
Well anyway this has been a really good week and we have many more weeks in 2018!! Bye

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