Sunday, 7 August 2011

Food in Art

As part of this week's Art lesson Junior M looked at a website that features "bizarre food art" ( Instead of using real food, we drew food as characters using our imagination.
Can you see art imitating real life here?


  1. Hello Junior M
    Fantastic colorful drawings and excellent imaginations. My favorite fruit is strawberries and I look forward to strawberry season every year which is now in Queensland. If you have a look at the strawberry labels in the shops you will see they all come from Queensland. Natalie J

  2. Hi juniorm

    everyone's pictures look great &
    what are the titles of these pictures?

    from Will

  3. Lynda (Nats Mom)7 August 2011 at 20:24

    I love your drawings and the one with the person crying cutting the onion made me laugh as I always cry when I cut onions. Well done - brilliant work.

  4. Hi Junior M,

    I really enjoyed looking at the art - great effort and fantastic imagination.

    Chris Stephen

  5. Kim O'Connell8 August 2011 at 15:06

    Very artistic drawings Junior M. It looks like quite a few of you enjoy Annoying Orange. I love to see samples of all the hard work you achieve at school.

  6. fabulous art junior m! food glorious food!

  7. Sharon Hamilton9 August 2011 at 21:29

    Great art Junior M!


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