Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Making Shops and using money

Counting money isn't easy because if you have lots of coins they can be hard to count. It helped me to say the numbers out loud so you know the dollars and cents - Madison
If someone gives you 3 dollars and it costs $1.50 you don't know how much change to give the customer. It has helped me to learn to count money faster - Pat
If someone gives you $2 you might give them money back - Jessica
I learnt that when you buy something you need to give the right amount. If you give less you can't buy it - Jacob
There used to be 1 and 2 cent pieces, but now there are $1 and $2's - Brandon
I learnt how to make $2. With four 50's and one dollar and two 50's - Lauren
I learnt that 1 cent and 2 cents aren't used anymore. Also, it's not easy to give change because you have to work out how much to give and if you didn't know it would be hard - Will
I discovered how much change to give to the customer - Maria
I learnt how to buy stuff, by watching other people - Seb
I can count money faster by my friends helping me. They helped me put them into different groups so it's easier to count - Riley
I learnt to count $1 and $2 by adding 1 and 2 together. If it's $3 you just need a 1 and 2 - Dylan
If you don't have the right coins you can give it to the people and they will give you change - Bassy
Being a cashier is very hard because the money is jumbled up and is hard to count - Nat & Travis
You count money and go to the shop and you can get change or no change - Jackson
I learnt how much money you can get if people buy the things you are selling - James
Something that helped me to learn is using the plastic coins because it has the same picture in real life - Stephanie
I learnt that when you get the money you can count it. I learnt this from other people and from the symbols - Ava
Buying things can be tricky because sometimes you don't have as much money as you need. I also learnt that giving more money is the same as giving the exact amount because you will get change - Madeline


  1. Kim O'Connell16 August 2011 at 13:07

    Learning to count money is a very valuable lesson. Handling money can be an everyday experience - at the greengrocers, the newsagents, the cinemas, pretty much everywhere. It's great to see you have all learnt something new from your experience. I would love Riley to be able to help me next time I go to the shops.

  2. Sebastian F can now be like my calculator and it's great to make you aware of how much things can cost and add up to.
    I remember doing this when I was in primary school (not so long ago!)
    I loved it.

  3. Wonderful learning and reflections on what helped you learn Juniors. It was exciting to read about your hands-on experiences. How do you think this new learning helps you when you are at the shops?
    Mrs Mac

  4. Now when Jackson comes to the shops with me I can give him the money to give to the sales assistant and he knows with a little help from dad how much change hes meant to get back.

  5. Well done Lauren! Now when you scan things in the shops you can see how much each item costs and watch it add up. This is a great thing to learn especially where we use cards so often. Chris Stephen

  6. Patrick loved playing shops!!! Isn't it great to be learning things and not even realising it!!! The pictures are great.

  7. Hi Junior M

    It's great to see you learning how to use money to buy things as well as learning about it's value. It is also great way to utilise your addition and subtraction skills! Now you can put some of these skills into action when you go shopping!

  8. Great learning Junior M. It's always fun to try and make up lots of different ways of getting to the same dollar amount. How many ways can you add up to $1 with different coins? I bet there are lots! Have fun trying.


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